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Human Resources

   Human Resource is the backbone of the company. HBED keeps People Foremost as the company management philosophy, and takes Expertise Team Building as the core concept of company sustainable development. HBED pays great attention to talent absorbing and training, and has gradually established diversified employee development access and occupational planning system. So far, HBED has 674 registered employees, 545 of them are professional technical engineers, among whom, 408 are Engineers with Intermediate or Senior Professional Title; 158 are registered engineers. There are 182 employees with Graduate Diploma; of which, 4 have Doctor degree, 178 have Master degree. There are 311 employees with Bachelor degree; and 107 employees with College diploma. The age of HBED employees is uniformly distributed, mainly at the range of 25-35, and 45-55. Employees with Master degree or Bachelor degree form the major part of HBED staff, occupying 74%; and 61% of the employees have Senior Professional Title. In general, HBED has a team of highly qualified and young staff.