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Bangladesh Transmission and Transformation Project

In the late 1980s, HBED participated in foreign project for the first time and undertook Bengal Dacca Project in Bangladesh, involving the survey and the design of 100km 132kV transmission lines and 150km 33kV transmission lines. In 1999, HBED undertook the EPC Project in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, including survey, design, equipment supply, construction and operation for 5km 132kV Transmission Lines. In 2002, HBED undertook Bengal Dacca power development project phase 4, with the contract price of 60 million US dollars covering the survey and design of 3 new 132kV substations (voltage class 132/33/11kV), 3 new 33kV substations(33/11kV), 100km 132kV and 33kV overhead transmission lines and underground cable.


The Republic of Congo Transmission and Transformation Project

On July 26th, 2006, HBED signed Survey and Design Contract for The Republic of Congo Transmission and Transformation Project with China Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMEC), marking successful opening-up of African market and a solid step to the objective of “International Engineering Consulting Company”. The project is comprised of survey, design and construction of transmission lines, substations, the Republic of Congo State Power Dispatch Center. In 2012, it was officially put into operation.



 Kenya Municipal Electric Network Modification Project

With total investment of RMB120 million around, Kenya Municipal Electric Network Modification Project opened a new page of overseas market development, offering great opportunities for Going Global Strategy of HBED. It was put into operation in 2012.


Indonesia Keban Agung 2×135MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project

In 2008, HBED undertook Indonesia Keban Agung 2×135MW Coal–fired Power Plant Project, (covering project design, construction supervision, equipment purchase supervision and consultancy service) owned by Priamanaya Energi Corporation, thus opening the market in Southeast Asia.



India SKS 4×300MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant TG Island Project

In August, 2011, HBED signed design contract for India SKS 4×300MW Subcritical Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant TG Island Project, with Runh Power Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, covering basic design,construction drawing design, as-built drawing design and site services.



Greece 115.9MWp Photovoltaic Power Station EPC Project

In October 2012, together with Hubei Hongyuan Power Engineering Co., Ltd as consortium, HBED signed the EPC contract of Greece 115.9MWp Photovoltaic Power Station Project with Winsun Luxembourg S.A., the project is composed by numerous subprojects. It is the first one undertaken by Power Construction Corporation of China as well as HBED in EU New Energy market


Angola Menongue Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Power Grid Installation and Extension Project  

In March, 2013, HBED signed the engineering design and technical service contract of Angola Menongue Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Power Grid Installation and Extension Project, with SINOHYDRO BUREAU 2 CO.,LTD. It is the first overseas business jointly conducted by HBED and SINOHYDRO,and HBED’s another successful exploration of African Market after the  projects in Congo and Kenya.    




Transmission Lines and Substations Project From Phnom Penh to Bavet, Cambodia

Transmission lines and substations project from Phnom Penh to Bavet, Cambodia, which includes the construction of 160km power transmission and transformation lines traversing Phenom Penh to Bavet (near the Vietna border), is the first Cambodia project conducted by HBED as well as the first business jointly conducted by HBED and CHMC(CHINA NATIONAL HEAVY MACHINERY CORPORATION). It was commenced in 2013 and is scheduled to be put into commercial service in 2016. The EPC contractor is CHMC, and the Designer is HBED. It lays the ground for further development of Cambodian electric power market.                                                                                                            


Morocco JERADA 1×350MW  Coal-fired Power Station Project

HBED signed the survey and design contract of Morocco Jerada Supercritical 1×350MW Coal-fired Power Station Project with SEPCOIII in August, 2013. The project site is located in Jerada, Morocco, 60m south of Oujda. SEPCOIII is the EPC contractor, and HBED is in charge of the survey and design work.       



Bosnia-Herzegovina Zenica 390MW Cogeneration Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Project

HBED signed the survey and design contract of Bosnia-Herzegovina Zenica 390MW Cogeneration Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Project with SEPCOIII in August, 2013. The power plant will supply heat to neighboring urban areas and provide on-grid power and export power to other countries. As the largest energy project over the previous 30 years, it is vital to promote the local economy.



Thailand Photovoltaic Power Generation  Demonstration Project

The signing ceremony of EPC contract for Thailand 5MW Sakae Photovoltaic Power Station was held in EGAT on 8th May, 2014. HYDROCHINA INTERNATIONAL, YINGLI SOLAR, HBED and WARRANASUK jointly contracted the project, which covers the design, procurement, construction (civil and erection), commissioning, and trial run, etc. The Owner is EGAT. The project is on-grid photovoltaic power station including polycrystalline silicon or thin film solar module. This project is HBED’s new attempt to develop Thailand PV market and is expected to be the basis for the policy-making and further development of PV industry in Thailand.


Pakistan Port Qasim Thermal Power Plant Project

With the support from Power Construction Corporation of China, HBED plays an active role in Port Qasim 2*660 MW Supercritical Thermal Power Plant Project. It is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2017. On 5th May, 2014, the foundation stone laying ceremony was held in Pakistan. The project is funded by SINOHYDRO RESOURCES LTD., the EPC contractor is SEPCOIII, and the designer is HBED. The successful performance will promote the further development of infrastructure and relevant industries in China.


Eritrea Power Plant Extension Project 

In April,2014, HBED signed the design contract of Eritrea HIRGIGO 2X23MW Power Plant Extension Project with CHINA SFECO GROUP. Built in 1998 and 2003 respectively, HIRGIGO Power Plant (4X22MW)and BELESA Power Plant (3X5+1X0.5+1X1MW)suffered from high failure rate, unstable performance and decreased output due to continuous operation and improper maintenance over years, which causes lower reliability of the power grid. By now, only around 80% large-medium urban areas and less than 5% rural areas of Eritrea have accessed to electricity. The power shortage has seriously limited the growth of local economic and people’s lives. After the completion of this project, HIRGIGO power plant will provide 134MW output power and meet the needs of ICS grid in the period from 2015 to 2020.



Nepal Upper Marsyangdi-A Hydroelectric Project 132kV Overhead  Transmission Line

In Sep. 2014, HBED signed the BOOT contract of Upper Marsyangdi-A hydroelectric Project 132kV Overhead Transmission Line with SINOHYDRO-SAGARMATHA POWER COMPANY (P) LTD. The transmission line which is from switch yard of Upper Marsyangdi-A hydropower station to the substation of Middle Marsyangdi hydropower station is about 22km. HBED is entrusted by SINOHYDRO COPORATION LIMIT to provide survey design and consultancy services for this project in the time limit of twelve months. This project is the first project carried out by HBED in Nepal.